Encouraging Livestrong Bands

Are you planning a good fundraising campaign? Then you can use the most popular promotional accessories that best reflect your empathy and compromise with the most important issues in the world. In this case, you can use encouraging livestrong bands to raise money to support different campaigns such as cancer awareness and humanitarian aid.

Encouraging livestrong bands are very popular and successful since they are well accepted by many people worldwide. These custom bracelets such as the “Livestrong” bracelet are perfect to realize any type of fundraising.

There are many causes in the world, and encouraging livestrong bands are an excellent option to support them accurately. Currently, these bands are no longer used to raise awareness of certain issues, but to promote many charitable foundations and organizations. Many of these institutions are implementing these encouraging livestrong bands to finance their different activities and campaigns. In this sense, we can say that these encouraging livestrong bands serve as powerful talismans of hope in times of adversity.

Silicone bracelets are available in all colors and messages, and they can be customized in different ways to support the different institutions. For instance, The Red Cross handed out red rubber bracelets to people who contributed with goods and money to help the tsunami victims in Indonesia. Green and camouflaged bracelets with the message “Support Our Troops” were sold to support the US troops in other countries.

Particularly, the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet is often considered the pioneer of bracelets for fundraisings.

Nowadays, you can find many types of rubber bracelets worn by people everywhere. These custom bracelets are widely used by many people around the world including celebrities, famous sportsmen, politicians, and musicians.

Custom silicone wristbands can be produced in large quantities because they are fast to manufacture. The low cost of production is another key factor that makes these bracelets so popular and massive. They can be ordered at wholesale from many companies online. The prices of these bracelets may vary according to the number of encouraging livestrong bands to be produced.

In this case, some can cost about $2 dollars while others may cost around $0.55 dollars each.

In general, there are three types of custom silicone bracelets available on the market: embossed, debossed, and silk-printed wristbands. Debossed wristbands display the message carved or engraved on the silicone band. Embossed bracelets display the messages on the opposite way.

Here, the letters are raised on the silicone bracelet just like the numbers of a credit card. Finally, the silk-printed bracelets are often the cheapest option for customers. The messages printed on these bracelets are printed directly on a basic silicone stripe. Here, special dyes are used in this process so that the letters never flake off or fade.

Furthermore, these bracelets are available in three sizes: adults, children and youth. Bracelets for adults have a diameter of 202mm. Bracelets for young people have a diameter of 190 mm, and bracelets for children have a diameter of 180 mm. These bracelets are 2.5 centimeters wide, but they can be manufactured according to specific requirements.

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