Typical Lance Armstrong Bracelet

Many people have something to say about silicone wristbands. These bracelets have become very popular worldwide since they were created about six years ago.

Silicone wristbands are made of 100% silicone material which brings special characteristics to this product. These bracelets can be customized in different ways according to the requirements of any customer. Also, they are very soft, durable, light, and inexpensive, so that they can be ordered in large quantities. These bracelets can be used in different awareness campaigns and fundraisings. Custom bracelets are often used to promote companies and new products.

Similar to awareness ribbons, silicone wristbands are used to reflect different diseases such as breast cancer and diabetes. In this case, pink bracelets are sold to the general public to support breast cancer awareness campaigns. Green and camouflaged bracelets are sold in order to support the American troops in foreign countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. White bracelets have been distributed to fight against racism in sportive events and schools.

These bracelets have very specific messages that people can easily read. Many of these messages reflect values, causes, ideals, beliefs, affiliations, love, friendship, loyalty, good spirit, and many other ideas.
The tremendous growth of these custom silicone bracelets has reached many countries around the world. Nowadays, people wear these bracelets as a way to state their own social cause statement.

Many people reflect their commitment to certain issues and causes such as environmental awareness, animal protection, anti smoking, drugs free, anti-bullying, and so forth. All kids around the world usually enjoy wearing these colorful wristbands. Some of these bracelets glow in the dark and others display different colors in a swirled or segmented pattern.

The cost of these bracelets is often cheaper than other types of bracelets and promotional accessories. Many people can get their own bracelets since they are fast and cheap to produce in large quantities. These bracelets may cost about $0.55 dollars each if they are ordered in bulk. Of course, anyone can order the exact number of bracelets no matter if there are ten or ten thousand bracelets.

In recent years, many schools and colleges are using these bracelets to promote the “good spirit” among the members of the institution. Usually, these bracelets are sold to support different activities such as trips, school dances, fairs, and much more. Sports teams of these institutions usually sell these bracelets to collect funds to buy new uniforms and sports equipment.

Custom silicone wristbands have been used successfully to support many health campaigns and fundraisings. That is the reason why many people like to wear them because they can show their support to many important causes around the world.

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