Low Priced Silicone Wristbands for Various Functions

Low Priced Silicone Wristbands for Various Functions

The enthusiasm for silicone bracelets began five years ago when the Lance Armstrong Foundation promoted the LIVESTRONG bracelet to collect funds for cancer research. This simple yellow silicon wristband has sold more than 70 million units to date. Imagine that! This number represents more than 10% of the total population of the United States! You can get such results in your organization if you customize your own bracelets.

Other companies and organizations have copied this great idea to support various causes such as breast cancer awareness or animal protection. Here many organizations and people have customized their own bracelets for different purposes. For instance, a green silicone bracelet was successfully offered to the general public in order to support the U.S. troops in foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Here, the bracelets displayed the message “support our troops” and it was offered for about $1 USD each.

In addition, the silicone bracelets are very popular in businesses and nonprofit organizations to collect resources. These bracelets can be personalized with any colors and logo so that the organizations may fairly reflect their image on every single bracelet.

Sometimes, non-profit organizations and public schools may sponsor themselves from selling these silicone bracelets. For example, many non-profit organizations offered personalized wristbands to the people for about $2.50 dollars each. Here the name of the organization was promoted as well as it raised money to help poor children. Many basketball teams usually design their own bracelets with different colors and logos and sell them to people in order to buy new uniforms and equipment.
Rubber bracelets can be purchased in large quantities at low cost. For example, a bracelet may cost about $0.55 USD if there is an order of 500 bracelets. In other cases, bracelets may cost about $ 0.45 USD if there is a higher order. Then these bracelets can be offered to the public from $ 2 to 3 USD. This way, many organizations can reach profit margins up to 70% which means that it is an excellent choice to promote their causes.

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