Silicone Wristbands

April 27th, 2010

The name silicone wristbands are inevitable when it comes to fashionable accessories. Many people around the world enjoy wearing silicone wristbands because they look good and are very durable.

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Here are some things you should consider when choosing a good silicone wristband manufacturer.

Total supply: this means that the company will be able to manufacture your custom silicone wristbands no matter where you live. They will deliver your order to your door within a few weeks. Your order has to be directly taken from the company without the involvement of brokers.

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Special Effects Silicone Bracelets

March 18th, 2009

Special effects silicone bracelets are very popular in people of all ages and styles. They are particularly popular among children and adolescents because many of these bracelets have special effects silicone bracelets.

These special effects silicone bracelets usually have messages like “What Would Jesus Do?” to reflect certain religious beliefs. There are some patriotic messages like “Long Live Our Country” and “Come Home Soon” in order to promote patriotism. Some years ago, a yellow silicone bracelet with the message special effects silicone bracelets was offered to the general public for about $1 dollar. This bracelet was released by the special effects silicone bracelets in order to collect founds to special effects silicone bracelets.

Today, many special effects silicone bracelets are sold to promote diverse causes and campaigns around the world.

Special effects silicone bracelets are very simple in design. The most common bracelet is the one made of silicon. This kind of bracelet can be personalized in many ways for diverse purposes. Rings are they are about ½ inch wide and 202milimeters long. Some people use them as a way to remember special dates while others use them as simple fashion accessories.

Many companies and businesses use them for advertising and promoting themselves. There are also many options of colors and patterns that can be applied to these special effects silicone bracelets. These bracelets can be customized in different ways so that they can be created to reach a specific audience.

Here are some models available in many websites:

Debossed special effects silicone bracelets

This kind of special effects silicone bracelets display the messages carved or engraved on the silicone stripe. This is the kind of bracelet used by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Embossed special effects silicone bracelets

In this type, the letters are raised on the silicone stripe the same way as the letters of a credit card or car plate.

Color-filled special effects silicone bracelets

This is the same debossed bracelet but the letters are filled with a different color so that the message stands out from the whole bracelet. This special effects silicone bracelets is perfect to convey special messages because the lettering is easy to read.

Segmented and Swirled special effects silicone bracelets

These bracelets can have debossed or embossed messages. Here different colors are mixed on the band in different ways. The colors can be shown in segments and others may be shown in a twirled pattern. There are different colors to be mixed like white, black, red, green, fluorescent yellow, orange, in order to create marble-looking and camouflaged special effects silicone bracelets.

Glow wristbands

These bracelets glow in the dark and are mostly preferred by children and teenagers. This kind of special effects silicone bracelets is perfect for birthday parties and Halloween.

Silk-printed special effects silicone bracelets

This is a very economic type of silicone bracelet. The messages are printed directly on a basic stripe by the use of a template or silk-screen. This is quite the same process used to stamp t-shirts and mugs but very special dyes are used for printing the special effects silicone bracelets.

Fabulous Breast Cancer Awareness

March 4th, 2009

Many people discovered fabulous breast cancer awareness when the cyclist fabulous breast cancer awareness started to promote the LIVESTRONG bracelet of his foundation. This yellow silicone bracelet was sold for the public in order to collect funds to support cancer research by the way it represented the difficult times that Lance lived through in order to beat testicular cancer.

This fabulous breast cancer awareness inspired many awareness campaigns around the world since these fabulous breast cancer awareness were sold to the general public for one dollar or two. Many other foundations and organizations considered these fabulous breast cancer awareness to promote different campaigns.

The good part of these fabulous breast cancer awareness is that they can be personalized in many ways and can be ordered in bulk at affordable prices. They are also colorful and easy to wear so that many people enjoy wearing them.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to create their own fabulous breast cancer awareness. There are much elaborated silicone wristbands with many colors and messages while others come in one color with simple messages. For instance, the Livestrong fabulous breast cancer awareness is quite simple in design and very effective in fundraising campaigns.

Fabulous breast cancer awareness are used to promote upcoming events or businesses. They can be distributed to a large number of people in special events or places such as stadiums, parties, festivals, and expos, in order to reach as many people as possible.

Many fabulous breast cancer awareness have been used to support different causes. For instance, the BBC radio promoted an anti-bullying campaign in schools. In this case, white and blue bracelets were distributed in order to raise awareness about racial discrimination. Students were told to be respectful with people from different cultures and races. These fabulous breast cancer awareness were also used by many famous sportsmen to show their commitment against racism in sports.

It is clear that fabulous breast cancer awareness are going to be used in further awareness campaigns and causes. People will always support the most humanitarian and social causes in the world no matter if they have to do marches or to buy fabulous breast cancer awareness. Bracelets are always effective in such purposes since they can be customized with a message on them.

Fashion Accessories

February 27th, 2009

Custom rubber bracelets have invaded the world during the last six years. Even though many fashion gurus first stated that silicone wristbands were simply a fashion fad, it was evident that they are long lasting fashion accessories.

These silicone bracelets are very popular just by the fact that they are highly customizable and cheap. They can be personalized for any purposes such as charities, events, storing medical information, children’s safety, fun, and fashion. Silicone bracelets usually cost about $1 dollar each or even less than one dollar if they are ordered at wholesale.

In general, a silicone bracelet is simply a silicone loop or ring that can be worn on the wrist. They usually have some messages printed on them such as “Come Home Soon” or “Long Life Our Country” to reflect many ideals and causes. These bracelets have been implemented by hospitals for diverse purposes. For instance, some bracelets are used to identify the new born babies, some are used to follow up patients, and others are worn to advice of certain allergies. Silicone wristbands have been very useful and effective for many institutions and businesses since they can be created according to their needs and requirements.

Another important characteristic of silicone wristbands is that they can be ordered in any color shade and style. There are various colors like yellow, green, violet, pink, black, white, and many others that can be applied to these rubber bracelets. There is always the perfect color for any institution or business to be applied on these bracelets. For instance, the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet is one of the most popular in the world. This simple but powerful bracelet has been distributed to many countries in order to raise funds to support cancer research.

There are some other custom wristbands that have been very effective in promoting and supporting different campaigns in the world. For instance, red bracelets were sold in order to help the victims of the tsunami in Philippines; camouflaged bracelets were sold to support the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; white bracelets have been distributed in many schools and sports events to promote anti-bullying campaigns.

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism against the implementation of silicone bracelets with silly messages. This is important to know that these bracelets can be customized in many ways for different purposes. In any case, this does not mean that people are fed up with these custom bracelets, but new purposes are attributed to these custom bracelets every day.

Silicone bracelets are going to be in the market for various years. They are very useful accessories for many foundations and non profit organizations which use them as their main fundraising tool. It does not matter if silicone wristbands go out or come in into fashion, the neat part of it is that people will enjoy helping others by wearing one of these custom bracelets.

Allergy Silicone Wristbands

February 11th, 2009

Versatility is a feature that allows allergy silicone wristbands to be used by many institutions like hospitals, police departments, schools, non-profit organizations and foundations. For instance, police in the state of Louisiana presented cherry red armbands with the message “Say No to Risk” to encourage safe driving.

This type of allergy silicone wristbands was very effective in this area because it reminded drivers act responsibly. In addition, other allergy silicone wristbands were created to encourage people to walk properly on the street. Here the messages of these allergy silicone wristbands were intended to reduce traffic accidents in downtown.

In addition, the allergy silicone wristbands are becoming increasingly important in many organizations and schools. The use of the allergy silicone wristbands is a good idea to provide financial support to many students’ activities. Many schools have implemented bracelets promote campaigns to fight discrimination. In this case, many schools have supported anti-bullying campaigns as well as they have raised money for future events.

The Winchester District distributed bracelets for Halloween in order to avoid possible dangers. The campaign was promoted by giving out glow in the dark allergy silicone wristbands with the slogan “give and receive respect” to remember people to live passively.

Most hospitals use white allergy silicone wristbands for patients and babies. Many hospitals and clinics in Pennsylvania are implementing allergy silicone wristbands to identify various diseases such as allergies or viruses. Many hospitals have implemented allergy silicone wristbands with the different colors of the rainbow to identify different illnesses. For example, purple allergy silicone wristbands mean “do not move “green allergy silicone wristbands are a sign of extreme risk of latex allergy.

Many parents can use these silicone allergy silicone wristbands for their children’s safety. In this case, if a child gets lost in a shopping center, they can be easily found if they wear a safety bracelet. The policeman or citizen that finds the missing child may dial the phone number engraved on these bracelets to contact the parents. Light colored bracelets are ideal for this purpose because they can be easily recognized.